doing some work finally...

Cheryl has been bugging me to print some colouring pages for her and I only managed to remember to do it this afternoon. I printed some of her favourite characters like Handy Mandy, Mickey and the gang and the Little Einsteins.

I also printed some simple Math worksheets for her to work on since I realised that she loved doing them. The worksheets and colouring pages were the "surprise" I mentioned to her the night before. She was thrilled to see the colouring pages and wanted to work on them immediately.

She would have laid her hands on all of the print-outs that I had brought home if I wasn't looking at her! But she finally settled for Handy Mandy and even asked me to do some colouring with her.

Next, she completed her homework of identifying bigger and small numbers. After which, we did some simple addition.


Diana G.B. said...

SO THE SMART !! *pinch cheek* ahhahaha

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