Hong Kong - 7th to 12th Dec 08 (part 2)

Macau was definitely on our itinerary and we didn't waste any time getting out of the hotel. We walked to China Hong Kong City where we had a very light breakfast. I tended to get motion sickness and was worried that if I had eaten too much, I would end up feeding the fish and turning blue in the face.

C and I loved the porridge. It is never a simple bowl of porridge and when accompanied with you tiao! Oh, heavenly! :)

Onboard the ferry!

Slightly over an hour later, we were in Macau!

We were rather adventurous initially and took their public buses but after a while, gave it up for the convenience of the cab as we didn't have exact change with us. We went to the famous Largo do Senado and took some pretty pictures there.

Lunch was at another famous restaurant Wong Chi Kei where they serve really good noodles! Okay, I did my research! There is something about the restaurants; they are usually of more than 1 level and who says lifts only serve humans? This one has a lift for food to be transported upstairs to their customers.

After we were filled, we visited St. Dominic's Church which was nearby. The church has been converted to a museum.

The many buildings along the way to the Ruins of St. Paul's.

Another famous, die-die must try place! C loved the almond tarts!

Of course we had to get their portuguese egg tarts!

The Ruins of St. Paul's.

The Museum of Macau and Mount Fortress!

We also visited Casa de Lou Kau Mansion.

Just some of the food store which caught our eye. C was munching on the free almond tarts they were giving out on the streets. She wolved down 2 at one go.

We made our way to Fisherman's Wharf after that.

10 hours later and rather beat, we returned to Hong Kong via ferry again and went for dinner at yet another highly recommended restaurant!

In case you are wondering, why is there broccoli in all the meals we had, it's because this happens to be C's favourite veggie. The dessert was heavenly! Smooth and creamy and definitely very yummy! We cleaned out our plates.

C enjoying her dinner. After that, we made our way back to the hotel. We passed by a market and the Kowloon Park. It was too dark by then to walk up.


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.