"What's up, Doc?"

Cheryl received her Doctor play set and she was thrilled with her new play things. We spent the entire evening play Doctor and Patient and she had all these rules and procedures that I must follow or else she would not want to continue the game.

The Doctor is in the house!

So I obliged and when Daddy got back, she played the game all over with him. Did I say that playing with Daddy is always more fun?

And Cheryl received another mail today! Nope, this time, it wasn't any bills *thank god!*

Her membership card finally got here and C was really happy to have her own card. Ha ha ha! A real one with her name printed on it and not one of our old, expired credit cards. She immediately told me that she wanted to go to Forum again with Keziah to ride bicycles!

Okay Baby! Will do, when the holidays come by.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Your girl is so adorable!!!

Mummy said...


i take that to be a good thing! haha :P


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