our KL trip... 25th-27th Oct

The last time we went to Kuala Lumpur was almost a decade ago; while Daddy and I were still dating and KL then wasn't as developed.

When we learned that a long weekend was approaching, we thought it would be really nice to go there again and also visit our relatives so a month before, I went down to get tickets for our rides.

And I was excited and asking my colleagues where would some good places be to go to in the city. I even printed out a map and marked out the various shopping spots and eateries. But Man can propose all he wants because eventually, it is God who disposes.

This is me on the journey up North: I was flushing hot and cold, suffering from a blocked nose and aching joints. My already bad throat erupted into a very sore one and I completely lost my voice so through out, I was trying to sleep off the effects of the medicine: which explains these rather unbecoming pictures Daddy took of me. But C was clearly enjoying herself. :)

And as luck would have it, our coach broke down and we waited a very long time before a replacement one came (read: will NOT take Grassland coaches ever) and by the time we reached our destination, it was 7pm. (We would have been there by 5pm latest.)

Cheryl was excited and running around the lobby while Daddy did the check in.

Oh, the nice huge bed!! Daddy headed for it the moment we stepped into the room and C was trying her best to remove her shoes quickly enough to join Daddy on the bed.

We did a little walking and found a food street and there were so many stalls we just stopped at one which had some crowd thinking that it was perhaps an indication that the food was good.

My two Darlings waiting eagerly for dinner to be served. Hmm, the food wasn't anything to rave about either. But at least we were full.

And for the rest of the night, I was out from the medication. My fever didn't subside the next morning and after breakfast, I headed back to the room for a rest while Daddy and C went for to play in pool. *Sorry, no pictures as I was completely zonked out*

Later in the afternoon and feeling much better, we ventured out for a little shopping and a very late lunch.

Me looking much better! :) And C ... I asked her for her wide-eyed look and she gave us this!

Even Daddy got himself busy while waiting for the food to arrive.

Our spread! Looks like real food!

On our way back, C caught sight of this mascot and she immediately asked to have her picture taken.

This was how we spent the rest of the evening. Daddy bought C this really cute and funny game where we could put together different faces. The winner: Cheryl of course! My pirate face didn't even come close.

C was hungry but we were stuffed so we ordered room service for her and she obviously loved her fried rice with crackers!

Grand Uncle Bok called us up and said he would take us out for breakfast before we left town and it was really sweet of him. We haven't seen him or Grand Aunt Poh Choo for eons and meeting up with them was great. He drove us around town and gave us an update on what's been happening in KL for the past decade. We drove to some upmarket estates and went passed some really huge malls and alsos some monuments like the Petronas Towers. Grand Uncle explained that some parts of town specialised in certain items like electric stuff and such. I have always thought KL is a myrid and in the short 3 hours that we spent together, we were really impressed.

Grand Uncle even wanted to take us to Batu Caves but we didn't make it as there was a jam and we forsee ourselves not returning in time to catch our ride back so we headed back to the hotel.

This was taken just minutes before we boarded the coach. We had lunch at Times Square and then my camera went dead.

But we will come back again... .


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