Ms Sally said...

This was my first meeting with Ms Sally.

Ms Sally has pretty nice things to say about Cheryl. Apparently, C is very active in class and she participates actively. The first thing she said when I sat down was "On, that cute little girl." Hmm... I took it to mean, C has been rather endearing in class.

The teacher commented that C tests the limits in class because she will do exactly the opposite of what the teacher said and Ms Sally said that she knew C was doing it deliberately because Ms Sally would call out to C and C would smile her cheeky smile before complying. And she pointed out that C needs constant reminders to keep the materials she has taken off the shelves before she takes another. And the other thing is, when it is Snack time, C doesn't like to sit and eat. She will be taking things out from her backpack, or hiding under the table and Ms Sally will have to remind her firmly that she should sit still and eat. But Ms Sally is very patient and she kept stressing that C is very smart.

Then Ms Sally broke out into a smile and said that she knows C already knows her numbers. She answers questions that the teacher poses to other children and will move to the front even when it is not her turn. Ms Sally said she might consider teaching C work that is scheduled for Term 2. (But hasn't Term 1 only just started?)

Oh, Daddy and I thought that C doesn't know her colours because whenever we try to ask her to identify different colours, C will not be able to point out the colours we want. But, Ms Sally said C knows her colours!

I can take heart and say that at least she is doing well in school. C also performs well in Music and Movement class and Ms Sally said this is good because shyness always hinders learning.

The teacher was very surprised that C only just started schooling because she felt that C was so well adjusted, it was as if C had been through toddler class with them.

I also saw C's teacher for Chinese class and she said that Cheryl is alright in class. She speaks well although she tends to mix her languages and she will sing along during music sessions.

Okay, I am glad that C is doing well so far.


AYOon said...

Bravo! Many hugs and kisses to The Cheeky Girl !

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