Wish list!

Aunt Fizah has been bugging me to come up with a wish list for Cheryl and I have been racking my brains. This is what I came up with based on our little girl's likes.

Melody Mix
Cheryl is such a musical person and she loves percussion so this will be great!

Leapfrog Littletouch Leappad - Pink by LeapFrog
This is something different and it is educational. It plays music, and reads stories... Killing many birds with one stone.

LeapFrog Fun & Learn Phonics Bus Interactive Game
Cheryl loves vehicles and buses are one of her favourites! Here she can learn phonics too. She keeps singing the A-B-C song and I think this will delight her!

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set
Magnets are another of her facination! She loves to stand infront of the fridge and paste stickers or even doodle so this will really keep her occupied.

Zoo-phonics® Music That Teaches Audio CD
Okay, by now you should know that I am crazy about having Cheryl learn her phonics! Cheryl can be rather articulate and I am hoping to see her blossom in this area.

Berchet Mini Cooper Cabrio Battery Operated Car
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Set

A talk with Daddy this morning reminded me that Cheryl once sat in a battery-operated car and she wouldn't come out. It was Daddy who suggested that we could get her this. A Mini Cooper might not happen but her own car would be nice. I know, the train is really pushing it. But one of Cheryl's loves is train. And if she could ride in it, I think she would be very thrilled!


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