savoury oats

From instant udon noodles, we have moved on to savoury oats. After some research and discussion about what kind of ingredients to use, we took the plunge and like what they say, "the rest is history."

We started with this first: dumplings, fishballs, and frozen vegetables. We added egg for that extra flavour. 

Then went on to experiment with other kinds of vegetables. Here we used mushrooms, cabbage, and carrots. When we become more confident, we added meat like sliced pork.

This is our favourite! Cherry tomatoes, caixin, fish and cheesy fishcake. Now that we have gotten the hang of it, we are more willing to try different types of (uncooked) ingredients which are of course healthier choices compared to the processed sausages or crab sticks. 

3 tablespoons of oats, with these ingredients - it keeps us filled yet doesn't make us feel bloated or sleepy. :) An additional plus: there is no need to pre cook any ingredients as the microwave can settle that easily.


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