6th year ... 2017

C's final year in the primary school and we were once again invited for the annual Parents' Night. Both Principals ; the primary and secondary schools spoke to us. We learned of the programmes that the secondary school has. More importantly, we saw that both schools have structured their enrichment to see the girls through their 10 years of education. I was pleased that C has set her heart on continuing her education there. :) It was indeed heartening to hear the principal of the secondary school telling parents that she welcomes all the girls from the primary school, and that she hopes to see them next year.

Next we had our chances to meet with C's form and Mother Tongue teachers. I always marvel at how efficient primary school teachers are. It has only been 2 weeks yet the classroom was nicely decorated with their work.

Positive talk! There are always a more positive manner to express one's thoughts and C's form teacher worked with the girls to come up with each encouraging phrase. The girls take ownership of their learning.

My favourite corner of the classroom: the class library. The girls were encouraged to donate their old books and their English teacher too, bought some for the little corner. There is a good mix of narrative books and Science magazines so the girls have a fairly good selection to choose from.

The school took their feedback sessions online 3 years back. It was a very quick survey and we called it a night. 


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