Happy Teachers' Day 2015

It is always exciting to hunt for gifts and every year, we do it with much gusto especially when the gifts are meant for C's teachers. We brainstormed and came up with several options.

We always prefer practical gifts, like red pens - for the endless marking that they do, honey jars - to soothe that throat of theirs, stylus - for iPads / tablets, over ornamental ones. This year, decided that they would be these:

Book marks! These bookmarks are so pretty! The characters featured in the bookmarks are from the many legendary Chinese folktales like Madam White Snake 白蛇传, the Mandarin version of Romeo and Juliet 梁山伯  祝英台.  C loved them the moment she first saw them and were intrigued as I told her about the characters. 

 Here she was on the floor and writing her "thank you"s to her teachers and was pleased with herself after she was done. Anyway, we do hope that her teachers like the gift. We have been blessed with dedicated teachers; C has had responsible, thoughtful, and caring teachers - teachers who go an extra mile. 

For these 2 years, she has Mr. Chong as her form teacher. He updates us regularly with emails on what has been covered for lessons and he also sends messages over the phones to remind us of special events. He lets us know how C is faring, how we can help her measure up, and of course, the good things that C has done too. We thank God for Mr. Chong. :)

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