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Dresses are my preferred choice of clothes... because of practical reasons. :)

1) It's a one-piece getup.
The 1 hour 30 minutes in the morning before I leave for work is very precious and because we aim to leave for my work place by 6.10 am. In the short 90 minutes, all three of us have breakfast together, wash and clean up the dining area, get ready for work and school and revise C's spelling and ting xie. Hence it is very important that I do not need to fuss over what to wear.

2) It's a one-piece getup.
FTWM will be able to understand what I am whining talking about. For someone who has to juggle work demands, guide the child in the evenings with her homework, take the child to her different enrichment classes in the evenings and do household chores in the evenings before bedtime, a one-piece dress is essential because ironing and washing time is cut significantly. 

So imagine my delight when I saw the dresses that Moonriver has to offer.

I like that there is a good selection of dresses suitable for work and play and I like that the dimensions of each dress, together with the material that they are made of, are clearly stated. The statistics of the model are also displayed so this gives me a better sense of proportion. 

Delivery charges are waived when you spend more than $40, and Moonriver's 30-days return policy is more than reasonable. To top it all up, there is the option of paying cash upon delivery of the clothes. This, I like! :) 

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