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Summer Down Under Part 4

Written By Mummy N on 27 December 2014 | 4:08:00 pm

Activity 6: Great Ocean Road

We set off on our journey to the Great Ocean Road after breakfast. Daddy and I decided that we should use the Searoad Ferries instead of driving out hence we headed out for Mornington to Sorrento.

The drive out; there were hardly cars on the roads and Daddy loved it! Well, occasionally, there would be a car or two but for most parts of our drive, it was just us.

 The ferry to Queenscliff ferry terminal leaves Sorrento every hourly and we reached Sorrento just 10 minutes shy of the next ferry. Bought our tickets and then posed for some pictures as we queued for our turn to board.

Traveling time on board was about 40 minutes.

The journey had began...

 Selfie! Aunt Justina convinced me to get the selfie stick so that we could take family pictures. :)

Split Point Light house - we stopped for pictures along the way...

 then looked for accommodation for the night. Many places were already fully booked out and we didn't want to have to continue driving for the evening. Comfort Inn- it was spacious and had everything we needed.

A little chat with the locals and we learned that we were just in time to catch some koalas.  
This was the first time we ever saw these creatures up in the trees, perched precariously on the branches. 

Another one of my favourite pictures. We wouldn't have been able to capture this had we not gone koala-hunting. Dead trees, and lots of them. They just lined the roads on both sides and for as long as the eyes could see. Being the only car on the road made it even more haunting. C said this was like the scary woods in the story books. 

After this, we got back to Apollo Bay and for dinner as the shops close at 8. It had been a long drive for Daddy so we called it a night soon after.

8 hours later and feeling rested, we continued with our drive. 
 Visibility was low for some parts of our drive but it was alright as there weren't traffic on the road.

An amazing sight.

The famous Twelve Apostles. 

and a pit stop for a quick lunch.

the taste of fresh fish was heavenly. 

 Loch Ard Gorge

 London Arch

 The Grotto

Bay of Martyrs

Bay of Islands

Our final stop before we ended our Great Ocean Road drive. 

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