Summer Down Under Part 3

C fell ill and she was running a fever for 2 days. We didn't dare venture far or embark on our Great Ocean adventure because we didn't want to risk having to get her to the doctor in a strange place. Our plans had to be shelved and we visited the city instead when she was better.

Activity 4: Sight-seeing the City

 Festive spirit in the air as we walked down the streets. We were lucky to catch Santa and took the opportunity to have our picture taken with him. Imagine my shock when he told me to sit on his other lap! Haha. But I obliged and did as told.

We visited St Paul's Cathedral, said our prayer, gave thanks and lit a candle. 

Flinders Street Railway Station 

I snapped this picture while Daddy was driving by. The city has lots to offer; age-old buildings and modern ones. 

Of course, we hopped on the City tram which took us around. 

We did a little shopping but miss the chance to visit Queen Victoria's Market. I guess this gives us another excuse to visit again.

Activity 5: Visiting Philip Island

We set off for Philip Island on Saturday with the Wans. C had recovered by then and as it was the weekend, we were extremely happy to have company.

First stop: Information Centre to get updated on the latest promotion that was available.

Then we headed out for some fun! The Amaze'N Things was our next stop and the children spent a considerable amount of time finding their way out of the maze. The children also saw how science play a part in our everyday lives.

Philip Island Chocolate Factory. The highlight was definitely when the children made their own chocolate and as we walked through the exhibition, they couldn't stop popping chocolate.

The kids spent some time at the beach despite the freezing temperature and they didn't want to leave.

The next day, we visited Maru Koala and Animal Park for some close encounters with the animals. 

 We were pretty lucky to be able to catch this shot. For the entire time that we were there, the peacock walked around rather oblivious to the people around. He retreated to a pen a distance away and then this happened.

Daddy enjoyed the next activity the most. 

Daddy had to take the tandem go-kart as C wasn't old enough to be in one on her own. Emma and Errick also rode together with their parents. The next time we return for this, C would be able to drive on on her own and Daddy could race her. :)

The Nobbies - to catch birds. We didn't stay for long though.

Finally, the Penguin Parade. We waited out there on the beach for a good 90 minutes before the first penguin set foot on the beach. Though freezing (the strong winds from the sea), we sat patiently and munched away on the snacks we had come with.

These little fellows were so cute as they made their way back to their nests. We stayed on the beach for a little longer before following them on the boardwalk and heading back to rest.

Our accommodation for the weekend. There were a total of 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen area; which suited us very well as the children had enough space to run and play outdoors. We prepared dinner and breakfast for ourselves during the time we were there.

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