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lotsa cooking!

Written By Mummy N on 12 September 2014 | 4:18:00 pm

We were this close to flying out for a short getaway this September holidays: I had informed my boss and was already looking at getting the best air fare deals ... then Daddy said that he couldn't travel as there was too much work to be done before October as he had a project that was due then so it was time for Plan B.

C and I spent much of the holidays with each other and catching up on rest. Besides that, we also devoted some time to cooking dinner for ourselves instead of eating out.

Dinner on 8 September:

I recently got us a steamer so I thought C could also learn to prepare some steamed dishes. The first dish she learned was "beancurb paste chicken". We had some Chinese sausages in the refrigerator so we added them in with the chicken. The outcome was fantastic: C loved the taste and was full of praise for this dish.

Dinner on 10 September:

 I bought some minced meat and taught C how to prepare springy steamed meat balls. She had a lot of fun working with the meat; picking it up from the bowl and giving it a good smack. We added some 冬菜 for that extra flavour and carrot too, besides the usual seasoning. Again, another dish done right because she thought the meat was "just right". :)

Dinner that evening for Daddy was a healthy meal of steamed meat and  酿豆腐汤.

Dinner on 12 September:

C sent Daddy a text message on the menu for the evening much to Daddy's delight!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get fish fillet so we bought chicken instead.

Had the chicken marinated for several hours before lacing it with breadcrumbs. The air-fryer did much of the work and the chicken was cooked in no time.

 That evening, we had ABC soup too.

and dinner was served. 

Though we were initially disappointed that we weren't traveling, C confessed that she had a fabulous time this September holidays. :) I told her that any break is a good break so long as we could be with our loved ones and enjoy each other's company. 

Guess it would be a while before we hit the kitchen again now that the new and short school term was starting. 

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