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Treasures from yesteryears

Written By Mummy N on 20 July 2014 | 8:18:00 pm

School was working on this project and my colleagues were requesting for students and teachers to contribute items from the past... .

And it was because of this project that I got Mummy to help.

Daddy and Mummy have this love for anything antique and slowly over the years, their collection grew. This evening, Mummy helped me dig out these treasures from a bygone era.

This turntable was definitely one of Daddy's prized possessions. 

Every once in a while when Daddy had the time in the evening, when he was with his close friends or us, he would wind this little fellow up and play his records.

Daddy was a man of music. He would leave the radio switched on 24/7 if he could. 

The abacus that he used in the past.

This camera still works. 

We told her that this was our first "computer". 

As we brought out these treasures from the store room, C was in awe and commented that she hadn't seen any of these before. Mummy then told her that there is more; give her time to dig them out from the storage. 

If it had not been for the project my colleagues were working on, these treasures would have still only stayed in the store room quietly, forgotten. As I looked at them, tears welled up in my eyes because I saw Daddy in all of them. I was reminded of how his eyes sparkled when he talked about his collection. 

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