C found her perfect gift!

Daddy bought some new shirts recently and we have noticed that the shirts were missing a little something. Yes, that is right: Daddy needs cuff links for his shirts and hence both C and I got busy and started looking around for these little charms.

Our trip over the weekend to a shopping mall near home did not turn out fruitful and we didn't get any as nothing caught our eyes so I did what I have always done: surf for good deals online.

I screamed out to C for her to come take a look at these when I saw them on Zalora and her immediate response was "Let's get these!". Why wasn't I the least surprised? :)

Then we looked through some more and, eventually decided that we should get all three! Looks like Daddy will have more than enough cuff links to last a while. C then looked at me and asked if we should look at other items like wallets, belts and watches. It sure looks like she wants to get her Daddy "new" everything. Haha. 

We could definitely browse through the numerous selection of fashion accessories when Christmas comes around. :) For now, we will settle with the cuff links. Oh! Did I mention we get free delivery now that we have spent more than $40? Not too bad a deal. :)

"Happy Father's Day"!

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