Parents' Briefing 2014

We went down for the Parents' Briefing this evening and we were delighted to be able to finally meet C's form teacher.
The evening started with the Principal's talk where she updated us on the changes the pupils will go through. For one, we learn that the school will be introducing subject banding. 

Then it was off to the classroom where we spent time with the teacher who does Mother Tongue (Chinese). 

Before the night ended, we had a chance to talk to C's form teacher. As he updates us on the girls' progress on a weekly basis, what he had to mention in class was really just a reminder for parents to keep a lookout for things. He then gave us links to an online site where he could keep track of the girls' academic and character development. Of course, on the part of the parents, we are supposed to log in and work closely with him.

Well, term 1 is coming to an end and so far we are pleased and comforted with what we have seen and experienced. C is under good hands and we know she will have an enriching time with her teachers.

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