Been good so far

It's been slightly over 2 weeks since we saw C's form teacher; and we decided to check up on C's progress and behaviour in class.

It's actually quite cool to see her behaviour being presented to us so scientifically. *This probably has got to do with our obsession and need for all KPIs to be qualified and quantified.

While C is pretty excited about being awarded little merit points for handing in her corrections on time, or being on task during class, we have to explain to her that these qualities are a must-have for students and that she needs to be attentive for all lessons and complete her homework, whether or not her teacher updates the charts. Like all extrinsic incentives, their ultimate aim is really to motivate the child for starters and then in time to come, have the child internalised all these good habits with constant practices. 

We really appreciate what C's form teacher is doing because this is really more than what is required of him. It also helps that he teaches the class several other subjects so he has a more objective view of the girls. He also keeps the homework online so that the girls can look them up should they be unsure. We are thankful that despite his busy schedule, he takes time to closely monitor the girls under his charge.  

So are we surprised with C's progress in school? No, not because C is such a brilliant pupil that she is acing all her subjects but more so because we maintain good and open communication channels. C will let us know what problems she has in school, how she has fared during lessons, what jokes did Mr Chong tell the class during Science class, even if she got herself into some kind of trouble ... you get the idea hence we are always in the know and we will work really hard to keep this going. :) 

To C's form teacher, "Thank you so much for doing this. While you keep us abreast of what is happening is school, we as parents will do our part at home. We must never forget the role we play in our children's lives and we must never relinquish that responsibility to the school or teacher, no matter how capable or able the latter is.  

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