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Paradise Nikoi 2013 - Part 3

Written By Mummy N on 18 December 2013 | 10:54:00 am

Oh, the food...

The food was exceptional on Nikoi and we were so well fed. There was hardly a time when our tummies were empty. 

 This was lunch for the adults. The food tasted really good! 

 There was a different menu for the children. 

Dinner for the adults. The apple crumble was to die-for! 

It was pasta carbonara for the children.

 For breakfast, it was bacon, ham and eggs. We could request for any style of cooking for the eggs (poached, omelette) and we had them scrambled that morning. The Daddies had mee goreng (Indonesian style) and it was so tasty that they decided to go for nasi goreng on our last day.

 Lunch! The dessert was fried banana with a splash of berries ice cream. Quite a heavenly match! :)
The beach pool bar.

 The children had their first mock tails.

and I sipped frozen margaritas. Awww... 


We could choose to dine on the beach too.

 Waiting for dinner to be served...

 Steak for the adults 

and Fish and Chips for the kids. 

The staff would come by and asked if we wanted seconds for our food. They would also check to see if we were agreeable with the menu for the next day and if we needed to make any changes or requests. While we waited for our food to arrive, some of the staff would chat with us and talk about how this island came about. Overall, this was truly an amazing experience.

 Us, on our way out of Nikoi. 

The scenic island slowly fading from sight. 

Thank you for a wonderful getaway. Like C said, "It was an excellent experience being on Nikoi." We will miss the personalised services rendered by their friendly staff. As we boarded the ferry back, they stood on the pier and waved farewell. It's a place we would not mind returning. 

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