Paradise Nikoi 2013 - Part 2

We were meaningfully occupied during our 3-day-2-night stay at Nikoi.

Besides walking around the idyllic island and snapping pictures, we did activities like play games; just spending precious time with each other.
How about a game of basket ball? 

 The kids caught a movie after dinner on these sand bags. 

 Tennis, anyone?

Nice shot!

 The thing about this place, the staff were so friendly. They played with the children and even came around reminding them of the day's activities so that the children could assemble and participate at the designated area and time.
 First time playing what is known as "the curious ancient past time"; croquet. It definitely wasn't easy to get the ball through the tiny bars.
The mummies tried their hands on the game too.


 C, waiting... and waiting...

Watching and listening to the gentle waves crashing and feeling the wind in the hair, such is life! :)

Then the Daddies and kiddos went kayak-king.

 Look at that grin on C's face. 

This is my favourite shot. C was walking back to the pier after her kayak-king to do this...

 leaping off the edge of the jetty and into the deep waters of the ocean.

 After their first jump, the adrenaline kicked in and they were on a roll!

 Can you guess who Daddy was impersonating?

We tried our mightiest to take these pictures with steady hands. Not an easy task as we were roaring with laughter.
What is a beach getaway without a soak in the sea and playing on the beach?

 Building sand castles ... 

and getting buried in the sand. (Courtesy of Venika Teo)

As for us Mummies, we had our fair share of posing for the camera too. (courtesy of Venika Teo)

 Treasure - hunt for the children organised by the staff. It was a simple game that took them around the resort to find clues. We also had time during the day to play Uno.

 And to have a swim in their pool area.

 In the showers, C commented that she had many "first"; she added that being buried in the sand was a "terrible idea" - sand got into her swimming costume and she was so uncomfortable, but a "very good experience". Haha! She enjoyed kayak-king and going so far out into the ocean with Daddy. 

She pinched her nose and said that the jetty jump was awesome though the water got into her nose and of course how the huge waves almost carried her away had she not been clinging on Daddy. "A very different kind of holiday, Mummy but it was just as good as any of those we have had." and that was all I wanted to hear. :)

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