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8 months

Written By Mummy N on 10 September 2013 | 9:16:00 am

It is the school holidays and as promised I took C to the dentist. Luckily she was able to slot us in her already-packed schedule. 

Her adult canine tooth on the right had erupted behind her milk tooth. It seems like a common problem for C and when the Doc examined her teeth, we saw that the one on the left was also going to do the same. I eyed the Doc suspiciously and she immediately advised against removing so many teeth at a go. 

We have a problem. Her front teeth aren't straight and the Doc asked if she had suffered a fall when she was younger. It was C who exclaimed that she did and even sustained a cut on her chin and Doc suspected that it was the fall that cause the adult tooth to be shifted. She wrote us a letter for a referral to the Health Promotion Board to see if she needed braces to correct the front teeth but the wait is terrible; 8 months just to see the specialist and then we will have to wait again for another appointment. Sigh... 

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