Caution! Speeding cars ... or Running kids?

Accidents these days. There are so many accidents these days. Once upon a time, it was usually (and only) during the Chinese New Year period that I hear of numerous accidents happening in a day. But now, it seems accidents is a daily occurrence.  

Daddy and I were in the car when we learned that yet another accident involving a vehicle and a student had occurred. Sigh... Ever so often, the first thing we do is to say that it must be the driver's fault; 
1) he must have been speeding, 
2) he must have been talking on his phone, or worse, texting hence he wasn't able to respond in time,
3) he must have been drunk,
4) ... the list / reasons can go on.

Then Daddy related an account to me and set me thinking.

He was driving on the roads in an estate. There was a bus on the extreme left lane and there was another car behind the bus. Daddy was driving up behind this car. The car in front had signaled right and was moving into the middle lane. Daddy had signaled too and was moving into the middle lane as well. At this time he was still behind the car.

He said, a boy appeared from nowhere and ran across the road, in front of the bus. The car in front had to slam on the brakes and Daddy at the back, had to as well to avoid hitting the car in front.

"Whose fault would it be then?" had the driver knocked the boy down.

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