week 0... week 1

First 3 days of school...

No matter how prepared we were, when school started, the outcome of things somehow, is quite different from what we had envisioned.

Firstly, we needed to get accustomed to waking up early and by early, I mean, really early. Day 1, time set on the alarm clock was 5.15 am but by the time we left for work; hub was really sweet to drive me to work before dropping C in school, it was 6.30 am and traffic on the road was terrible. Week 1, we realised that traffic conditions at 6.30 am is terrible so we now have to wake up earlier to beat the traffic.

C, on the other hand, had to get used to not watching television programme when she got back in the afternoon because it would mean that she wouldn't be able to nap before her evening class so she has to learn to prioritize. Not easy for a soon-to-be 8 year old... .

Fast forward... week 1. C is still negotiating with us when it comes to the time she needs to be in bed but she is slowly understanding the repercussions late nights have for the day that follows. This is C enjoying her breakfast at 5.40 am.

So far, school has been quiet and her teachers have not been assigning homework so we started on her working on her reading or any assessment books she can get her hands on.

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Lionel n Rachel said...

off topic comment:P no updates on ur trip to Taiwan yet?

Mummy N said...

Morning! :)
Hahahah... I haven't finished doing up the pictures. Haven't had the time to. But they will come. We had a wonderful time there.

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