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Walking with mushrooms 6...

Written By Mummy N on 11 November 2012 | 6:00:00 pm

After 2 weeks of resting in the store room, the log was ready for Cycle 2. 

Only 2 days later with the daily showering if the log, pin heads started appearing. We didn't have to wait very long this time round.

Okay, I got the date wrong. It was supposed to be "November" but some how I got the month wrong. It was not very good but we actually forgot to shower the log in the evening. 

But the mushrooms blossomed nevertheless and thankfully too. C was quite happy to see them.

 This time round, the harvest wasn't as bountiful as Cycle 1 but it was still decent for a dish.

We brought the mushrooms over to Grand Mummy. She missed the mushrooms the previous time and we didn't want her to this time. Grand Mummy prepared mushrooms omelette and C ate so much during dinner. Good stuff! :)

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