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walking with mushrooms...

Written By Mummy N on 3 October 2012 | 9:00:00 pm

I bought a DIY mushroom kit recently as C was into this "urban farmer" phase. She planted some chives and  coriander at Grand Mummy's but I think the seeds have been around for too long a time and hence didn't grow. Then the recently completed Science project she did with the kidney beans really got her fueled up so she was terribly excited when I told her what I got for her.

  The log is packed nicely with sawdust. C asked me suspiciously whether mushroom could really grow from that tiny mouth at the top. :) I assured her that they would if we followed all the instructions correctly and gave it tender, loving care. 

So the first thing we did was to remove the cap. With a sterilised spoon, we scooped the mycelia which resembled fungus off the top layer, until we saw fresh sawdust. Then I helped her tie the bag up again and replaced the cap. Finally, we placed the entire log in the store room where it was dark and humid. 

We would be checking on the log again on 8 and 10 October and hopefully, we would see white mycelia and pinheads looking back at us.

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Lionel n Rachel said...

hw come different instructions from mine? why do u hv to replace the cap?

there are 2 growing concepts to choose from:

open: unwrapped all plastic & mist spray 2-3 times daily. mushroom spores will sprout out from everywhere.

close: leave the plastic intact, only undo the cap. same thing, mist spray 2-3 times daily. spores will only grow from the top.

Mummy N said...

we were told that the log has to rest for app. between 5 to 10 days before the growing process.

yes, after that will have to choose between the close and open method. even for the open method, was told not to unwrap the entire plastic so that the mushrooms will have numerous cycles.