The Science Project

20 September 2012
C returned with some materials and excitedly told me that she needed to do it "immediately". I was wondering what was that important... then I saw this:

She has a Science project to embark on. :)

We thought it was a brilliant idea to expose these young children to Science even though they really only need to study the subject when they are in Primary 3. Anyone would find it interesting to know how plants grow or how our bodies function. When she was much younger, we also did other experiments like making a volcano and watching it erupt. The other one we did was to find out if egg floats in normal water and brine. 

C has to grow some kidney beans for this project. The objective for the project was to find out if sunlight was needed for the kidney beans to grow.

She was given 10 kidney beans and she had to soak them through the night before placing them on the wet cotton pads. There were 2 containers and one was labeled "Set A - with sun" while the other "Set B - without sun". That is right, she was to investigate if these kidney beans needed sunlight to grow.

23 September 2012

Container B (top): Not much activity could be seen after 3 days.
Container A (bottom): We saw that a sprout has grown.

24 September 2012

Container B (top): C was surprised to see that the kidney beans kept in the cupboard had grown. 
Container A (bottom): Another shoot has sprouted from yet another bean. 

Despite being kept in the dark cupboard, the kidney beans, young shoots sprouted.

25 September 2012

Container B (top): Now, all three of us were amazed at the speed of growth of these beans in the cupboard. They have grown rather large compared to those left out in the open exposed to the sun.
Container A (bottom): Growth of the beans seemed slow in comparison.

But C noticed that the ones exposed to the sun looked green and healthier compared to those kept in the cupboard which had a yellow tint and looked pale.

26 September 2012

Container A (top): They looked so plum and juicy. We also saw young shoots.
Container B (bottom): Wow! The tiny bean stalk was not tiny anymore but very tall. However, it looked so yellow and pale and definitely malnourished.  

27 September 2012

Container B (top): The bean stalk had grown even taller and it looked really terrible. 
Container A (bottom): Lovely green and the leaves were also beginning to grow. 

C recording her observations down. Well, an experiment is not complete until some investigation has taken place and not only that it is important to note down the findings. She has a week to complete her investigation and to prove her hypothesis right. :) 

Since she started on this project, she has been quite meticulous and will look at the plants first thing she returns from school. Now that she is all done, she will be able to hand her work in come Monday.

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