Happy Children's Day 2012

Cheryl's first Children's Day celebration with her friends in school and like other celebrations, she had to go to school early. She insisted on being woken up earlier than her Daddy to get ready. It was also the Lower Primary Sports Day too. Daddy sent me to school as usual and then went on to drop C at hers.

She was done with celebrations and got back by 2 in the afternoon.

When I returned in the evening, she came up to me excitedly and said that she had won first prize. Hmmm.....

:) Not bad at all! I was pleasantly surprised but nevertheless, pleased that she did well for her Sports Day.

Then, she proudly exhibited her loot. Mrs Lim, her form teacher and Wang Lao Shi, her teacher for Mother Tongue, gave the children these gifts. Pencil case, name stickers, pencils and a pack of coloured pens from the School; all nicely packed into the cute and dainty carrier. :)

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