his first bun...

It has always been Mummy's territory when it comes to hair-tying but this morning, Daddy did his first bun for Precious.

You see, C has started on her extra coaching class for ballet. Ms Blue emphasized that because C would need to execute certain moves sharply, it was important that her hair did not get in the way. Hence, the need for the bun. On Monday evenings, I would be able to do her hair but it was Tuesday mornings that Daddy was worried about. 

When he learned that C needed her hair up in this manner, he was stressed out. To help him out, we bought some hair clips. Now, Daddy is the one who ties C's hair every morning before she goes to school but with C's ballet class on Tuesday mornings, her hairdo will have to stay on and neat from 9am to 6.30pm. 

Daddy had a practice round on Sunday and this morning, he did it! Pretty good, I would say, for a first-timer. 

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Lionel n Rachel said...

Bravo! C's Dad.

Mummy N said...

Thanks! :)
Yes, I am impressed. C's hair was still pretty neat and tidy when I got back in the evening.

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