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Christian Superhero

Written By Mummy N on 12 October 2012 | 6:30:00 pm

C was watching videos on her iPad when I returned from work and she was pretty adamant about showing me a video. But I was busy getting us ready for her swim class in the evening and didn't pay her much attention. Then when I was in the showers, I heard her scream out for me again and I assured her that once I was done, I would sit down to watch it with her.

"You will surely cry, Mummy." Precious said. "I watched it thrice and for all three times, I did." she said.

She was right. I teared as the video played on. Then I asked her if she had seen it in Church and she replied that she hadn't. She had found it on YouTube when she searched for "Christian Superhero".

In the evening, she quietly told Daddy that she was reading the Bible in the day.

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