so late...

C's friend left her a message but the weekend was spent running around hunting for renovation contacts and meeting up with even more. I only saw the message this morning so ... we are so late; probably too late for the Liebster Award.

Nevertheless, I managed to get C to answer the questions: To qualify for the Award, you will need to:

A) Share 11 things about yourself.

1) I love Japanese food and fast food.
2) Qoo is my favourite drink.
3) I do not like wet toilet floors.
4) I still like to watch Dora, the Explorer.
5) Dancing is one of my best traits.
6) Making up songs and dance moves are just some of the things I do when I have time.
7) I do not mind re-reading some books.
8) I like to wear my hair long.
9) My bed is covered with plush toys.
10) I have a sweet tooth.
11) I like to wear accessories although my mummy does not really want me to.

B) Answer 11 questions posed by the Giver.
1) What's your favourite colour and do you wear it much?
My favourite colour is purple and I wear it almost every other week.
2) What's the first thing you think about when you see a jellyfish?
Too slimy and I don't like soft things.
3) Do you like bugs?
I am terrified of bugs.
4) Are you an artsy-craft person and if so, what do you like to make?
I live and breathe Art and I particularly love to paint.
5) Do you have an aversion to sunlight?
Outdoors and me go hand in hand.
6) What type of animal do you think of when you see a stapler?
7) Do you like listening to music?
I have a mini stereo at my study desk and I play it whenever I am doing work.
8) Are you a dog or cat person?
Neither as I don't like both.
9) oes the idea of setting a broken bone bother you?
10) What's your favourite juice?
Apple juice.
11) What's the saddest movie you've ever watched?

C) I have to also give the Award to another 11 bloggers whom I think are cool ... so
These 11 other bloggers are -
1) She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic
2) Chew Household
3) Lionel n Rachel
4) To everything there is a season...
5) Watch Renzo Grow
.... I will stop at 5 for now.

D Ask another set of 11 questions.
1) Which is your favourite day in the week?
2) Are you a "milk person"?
3) What is the last thing you say to yourself every night?
4) Who wakes you up in the morning?
5) What makes you smile?
6) What do you eat during recess?
7) Would you like to climb mountains?
8) Icy cold or scorching hot? How do you like your drink?
9) Are you a TV-addict?
10) When was your proudest moment?
11) What is your favourite stationery?

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