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Ballet Grade 1

Written By Mummy N on 9 July 2012 | 9:00:00 pm

Earlier part of the year, C took her Grade 1 ballet examination. Ms Blue told us that results would only be out in July.

We weren't expecting the certificates to be distributed to the girls this evening so we were kind of excited when the earlier batch of girls were released from class with theirs. Daddy and I were wondering how C did for her examination.

C achieved the Merit award. We were alright, though C said she wanted a distinction. That was when we told her that she had to work triply hard. :)


My Amazing Days said...

Oh congratulations! Good job! I remember doing the exam, it was quite hard and the examiners are strict.

Cheryl said...

Morning Rebecca

Yes, you are right about it being more difficult. My teacher, when she saw my grade, asked me, "What happened? Did you freak out during the exam?" She had expected me to perform a lot better.