Perth - Part IV

Perth Central wasn't the only place we were at. We drove out to the country at Margaret River too.

Breakfast was at Miss Maud's again because we couldn't take our minds off their wonderful pies.

As we drove out, we dropped by Dolphin Discovery Centre at Bunbury. We had originally planned to take a cruise out but the weather wasn't promising and so cruises out to sea had been limited to only the weekends.

 Nevertheless, we won't that disappointed because we had a volunteer who told us more about the dolphins.

After about an hour there, we headed off to Busselton Jetty.

 The children, our models. :) Against the clear blue skies, they posed and did their stuff.

The Daddies and Aunt Ven in action.

Then it was a quick lunch at Busselton Jetty before we did some groceries and went to our lodging for the next 2 days.

Our accommodation at Burnside Bungalows. This was an awesome place. We had a 2 bedroom apartment and it had a fireplace to keep us warm at night. 

The firewood in a shed at the back of the bungalow and the drive way leading to our bungalow. The place was surrounded by nature and the owners had planted lots of fruit trees. 

Inside the apartment. 

It had everything we needed. 

We prepared dinner! Everything except for the roast chicken and pumpkin soap was cooked by us. Daddy did the steaks and we all concluded that he was a good cook. :)

The fireplace.

 Our breakfast basket, which was left at our door step greeted us.

The food was lovely especially the fresh eggs. 

Breakfast was served in no time and while we ate, we had this view to take in...


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.