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Grade 1

Written By Mummy N on 23 April 2012 | 10:57:00 am

For more than 6 months, Precious went for extra coaching classes and a month before her examination, there were dance class thrice a week. There were days where Precious would tell me she was tired and then there were also days where she would be jumping for joy just knowing that she would be going for her dance class.

Today, she takes her Grade 1 examination.

Daddy took time off from work to see her there. They arrived 2 hours before and Ms Blue and her friends got down to doing their hair.

Wow! Her hair was so nicely done  up. No wonder Ms Blue stressed that the girls should come with their hair down. She commented that when she was a young girl, her teacher did the same and it became a tradition she wants to carry on. :)

Our Precious

Ms Blue, checking on the girls and giving the girls some instructions.

Precious with members in her team. When I saw the picture for the first time, I almost didn't recognise Precious. She looked so different: grown definitely and very pretty. :)

Then at 10 am, they stepped into the examination room. 

"Go, Baby! Give your best. Daddy will be waiting for you to finish your routine."