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Creative Writing

Written By Mummy N on 20 April 2012 | 10:28:00 am

One of the things I enjoy doing at the end of the day is looking through Precious' school bag. It's not just because I want to find out what homework she has to complete that evening but rather because I want to be updated on the work that she has done in school. There will be the usual texts and when there is a workbook in there, I know that there is Math homework. Other than that, I secretly wish that I will find her journals and creative writing exercise books, both English and Mandarin.

 And you will know why:

We love to read her entries and even more so, we adore the interesting and lovely pictures she drew. I was particularly impressed with this picture of the puffin. I looked into her study as she was finishing up her work and saw that she was humming to herself and swaying to the beat. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that she had paid attention to details and had coloured the puffin in its exact shades. :)  

Nothing is more encouraging than seeing her enjoying her homework.