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Turning 36...

Written By Mummy N on 15 March 2012 | 11:10:00 pm

Each day, I count my blessings and I thank God... .

My lovely sisters and Mummy celebrated my birthday with a dinner outdoors and with this heavenly tasting cake.
My birthday celebrations started on Sunday. :) with this Lychee Martini Cake from Pine Gardens. My sisters know how much I adore this cake. Hee

I love this collage!

The children were the happiest :)

On Monday after our breakfast at Ikea, Princess insisted on having a cake for me so we headed out to The Icing Room. She had initially planned on getting the large cake but I had to tell her that small is cute. haha.

On Wednesday we went on a outing with Aunt Ven and Aunt Maureen and the ladies were really sweet to give us a treat for lunch. 

We went to Grand Mummy's place in the evening and I was served this really delicious bowl of mee sua. *tearing*

And just this afternoon, Aunt Angie also gave us a treat for lunch. 

Thank you, my friends, my sisters, Mummy Dearest and of course, my husband and Precious. I also want to thank all of you who had sent me your blessings and well wishes either on Facebook or on my mobile. I am really thankful. Hug.


Lionel n Rachel said...

haha...we belong to the same era... Happy Birthday gal.

Mummy N said...

Yes dear, sama sama. Thank you :)