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Written By Mummy N on 21 March 2012 | 11:05:00 pm

When C was in K2, Ms Novelle, her teacher then got the children accustomed to some of the routines in Primary School. C was voted in as the class monitress then.

This year, Mrs Lim, Precious' form teacher who teaches the class English, Math, Social Studies and Art, appointed C to be the subject monitress for Math in term 1. She was also given that honor by her Chinese teacher. C told us that Mrs Lim would roster other children for the role. This term, C took over as English Rep and retained her position for Chinese.

We told her that it was because she did a great job and her teachers must have thought so too to appoint her again for the roles. :)

For C, she is just pleased with herself and she declared that she would continue to help her teachers with the collecting and distributing of books and worksheets amongst the others.

Guess, a little responsibility does give children purpose and focus. :)