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Princess' Party!

Written By Mummy N on 31 March 2012 | 9:53:00 pm

Last year we told C that we would throw her a big party as it would be her last birthday celebration until she turns 21 years old. Last month, she sat me down to work on her guest list and though our initial plan was to have a simple fare, the guest list ballooned to 70 people and I told Daddy that there was no way we could barbecue for so many people.

So plan was shelved.

And Princess got her big party again. Hahahaha

The children were well engaged with their craft work and face painting. 

Door tags, which the children painted. 

The children also got their balloons and Daddy couldn't resist and requested for Papa Smurf. :) Papa Smurf stole the show and became a hot item. 

Some of our guests :)

Aunt Justina, Valerie, Aidah and Uncle Lee also came. :) 

God Grand parents and popo

Aunt Linda, looking so pleased with the flowers.

Oh dinner! The food was great and like the previous time we ordered, the food was all cleaned out. We were happy that our guests had their fill.

Cheryl's cake. Smurfs! She adores them and requested for a Smurf cake this year.

Happy Birthday, Precious! :)

She was so happy!

Princess with popo and Uncle Roy. 

Just look at the number of presents she received. She slept really late that night... .

That evening, we also celebrated Victoria and Aunt Angie's birthdays. Despite it being their special day, they came for the party too and we really appreciate them being there.