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We received several updates from Mrs Lim regarding Cheryl's progress in school.

Cheryl has been learning more about number bonds.

And for English, proper nouns.

These are more like reinforcement as Precious had been exposed to them when she was in Josiah. :)

Last Saturday, during the Parents' Meeting, some parents requested that the school let us know the price list of the food items sold in the canteen and she came back with this list.

Food is reasonably priced and it looks like the amount that C brings to school everyday is sufficient.


Chew Family said...

Saw your entry and I wrote to his teacher to request too. Yes, will save me the trouble of guessing!

Mummy N said...

:) yeah, its a good idea to let us know how much food cost so that we do not give too much.

Fatboy Joe said...

Primary One children are already exposed to number bonds? That is so scary!

Mummy N said...

yes, some even younger. but it is amazing how these young minds can absorb these information.

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