C gets pocket money everyday. We give her about $1.50 each day and her grand father often slips her another $2. Daddy told grand father not to do that as C would spend the extra at the bookshop. After repeated reminders, it seems to be working. :)

Daddy told C that she should start saving and only withdraw it from her piggy bank should she need to buy anything. Of course she would have to ask for permission first before she dug into her piggy bank.

This evening, I looked into her drawer and saw this... .

C managed to save a total of $30 in January. :)


Juliana said...

well done.

Lionel n Rachel said...

how did she manage to save? i mean giving $1.50 per day = $30 for 20 days (5 school days per week)... and yet she can still can save $30? (unless u included the additional $2 her grandfather gives her daily)

Mummy N said...

the catered food cost $0.50 and usually that's all she spends. she drinks water from her bottle and i also give her a pack of milo.

when sch started, she was going to the bookshop to buy things (coloured paper $1, ruler $0.80, eraser $0.50 but she usually spends just within the amount that we give her.

then when we repeated told her not to buy things from the bookshop and she stopped. so everyday, really saved the $1. on days where i packed food for her, the $1.50 goes unspent.

Lionel n Rachel said...

oic... we gives lionel $1.50 per day too but depending on what he has for recess, sometimes he is only able to save $0.30.

The 2 types of food he usually buys in his canteen cost $0.80 for a bowl of noodles or $1.00 for a plate of fried rice.

Sometimes he adds on fishcake or nuggets & that cost additional $0.20per piece.

we do not allow him to buy the un-neccessary from the bookstore as well though i know he bought erasers once.

We dun pack food for him as he says he prefers canteen food..haha

Mummy N said...

I feel that the prices of food in the canteen can cost a tad too much. I mean, yes it is still comparatively cheaper in sch than outside but how much can a child eat?

and there are always things like nuggets and fish cake, addons which can come up to like $1.

haha.. there are somethings about stationery and kids (and some adults) hehe.

i just pack simple stuff and its usually sandwich. cant pack noodles or rice cuz i dont want her to eat cold food.

good idea to have them buy cuz that in itself is life lesson. :)

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