mid points...

For Primary 1, there aren't major examinations but there are what the School calls "Mid Point Checks". They are really more like tests as the school term progresses.

C is on the Stellar Programme for English and this is the programme that all primary school children have to go through. 

For Math, there are more practices on Number Bonds and of course, simple problem solving sums. 

For Mandarin, C does her 好朋友. She traces characters and answers questions on 汉语拼音. There are a lot of matching exercises and she likes working on those exercises. Her teacher will note down several pages that she has to complete as homework but Precious has this habit of finishing all the writing exercises in the subscription. 

So far, we have been heartened that Precious enjoys school. She loves her classmates and her teachers. She has been able to make good friends. She has no issues with homework and for subjects like Math and Chinese, she has also been appointed the class representative. 


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