a step forward...

This day came finally. Initially, it was anticipation when we did our registration, then all excitement when we had our orientation and as the date drew closer, we became rather anxious.

The night before, we had a prep talk with C, similar to the one we gave her when she started preschool. We stressed that if she was unsure of things or didn't know where to find some teachers, she had to ask. We reminded her that rules and regulations are now bigger things in a primary school and she must follow them.

This morning after she got back from her dance class, she had a quick shower and had her simple lunch of porridge. We had some extra time and she sat herself down to play her toys. When it was almost time to go down to the bus stop, we got her to dress herself. C put on the uniform herself as we wanted her to know how to do it.

C eating her lunch.

Then we went down to the bus stop.

Father and Daughter...
While waiting for the school bus to arrive, we couldn't resist but took these pictures. :) She has grown so much.

After she boarded the mini bus, we headed off to school.

C arriving at the school gate after an hour of ride. She was ushered off by a prefect who directed them to the school hall.

Parents were not allowed in school so Daddy and I didn't get to take any more shots of her. We only returned to school during the dismissal time to ensure that she knew what to do: she had to look out for the stand of her bus number and then after that, get on board the bus when all the children had arrived.

Daddy and I then drove back where we waited for her at the bus stop again.

C soon got back and she was overjoyed to see us!
Daddy Dearest with his Precious Princess. We were so proud of her.

She then showed us her gift from a new friend she got acquainted with on board the bus.

C was tired when she got back. She related that she had fried rice in school during recess and even bought herself some coloured paper at the book shop. She did some colouring in class as well and read her story book; which she commented was too short and simple. The Reading Period was about a period long and she read her book at least 3 times that day. So when we were packing her bag, she insisted on bringing a thicker book for reading the next day.
Precious' time table.

After our dinner, C went back to her toys before she retired for the night.

As for Daddy and myself, we went to bed late... . And it was a rather emotional episode for us. Daddy, in his tears, commented that C was growing up way too fast and that things would be different now that C is no longer a baby. I guess he fears that his little Princess would not want to be with him / us as she matures. Both of them are so close and alike: they both are gamesters, love the Xbox (so much so that she complained that I wasn't a good game companion) They can go on and on about the different games they have and play on the iPad. She would climb onto him during bed time to rest on his chest while they talk about the day and he would ambush her by rubbing his iron-hard hair against her tummy and they would both laugh and giggle the night away... .

I assured Daddy that though things would change, what we had with her would never. The bond that we foster now will see us through the many years to come. She would not become a stranger because we would not let that happen. We would praise her when praise is due, lecture her when she needs one and always love her, whatever happens.

This is our promise to you, Cheryl.


Lionel n Rachel said...

Happy 1st Day of School to Cheryl. And many more " happies " to come

Lionel 1st day as well -


Mummy N said...

hey babe :)
yah... hope our kiddos will do well in school. :)

Fatboy Joe said...

It is indeed heart warming to read this entry. Somehow the first day of primary 1 seem so significant.

Looking forward to see Cheryl and play with her!

Mummy N said...

when you are a parent, you will realise that all "first time" are important. haha.

Sure, come over for dinner soon? :)

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