Mauritius - (III)

More of Mauritius as we went on our sight-seeing tour today.

Chameral Waterfall, also known as the Veil of the Bride. 

Along the way up, we saw that the Mauritius people make their own salt from the sea waters around them. In fact they are very self-sufficient people as they also grow their own vegetables. 

7-coloured earth. This is a real beauty. 

Tortoises are protected in Mauritius, just like how swans are in England. :) 

Then we went to a rum-making factory where we saw how rum was made from sugar cane. In fact, all parts of the sugar cane is used for something and nothing goes to waste.

 We were tasting the rum for the first time. Mine was vanilla while Daddy's was coffee flavoured. 

More pictures of the rum-making factory.

This house is interesting. Except for a lack of colour, everything in the house is ready and people actually live in it. We learned that it was because as long as the house looks incomplete and still under construction, the people who built the house need not pay taxes. 

Look at what we found! 

Our trip out to sea was probably the highlight! We saw dolphins!  

The sun was shinning and though it was hot, we couldn't resist the deep blue waters.

C on the wheel!

I was admiring this view and told Daddy that this is probably the best infinite pools in the world. :)

C getting ready to hit the waters. 

Both father and daughter frolicking in the cool Indian Ocean.

And for the rest of us...

Lunch was on board too and the food was absolutely delicious.

C enjoying her meal.

Enjoying the breeze ...

and one more dip in the waters before we headed back to shore.

The pair at the pool to cool down before dinner. 


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.