being a proficient swimmer

When C first started swimming, it was because we wanted her to be stronger. She used to have weak lungs and would cough ever so often. It has been more than 1 year since and the frequency of her coughing episodes has indeed decreased.

We learned that swimming would be part of C's primary school physical education programme and then recently, C's coach advised us to let C take the Bronze Stage of the SwimSafer Programme as this was a programme that most if not all local schools adopt.

Hence after some deliberation, Daddy and I agreed to let C take the test.

The following information is taken from Happy Fish Swim School:

SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze Test Criteria: Personal Water Survival and Stroke Improvement Skills
Development of your child's stroke technique will be a focus here, along with coordinated breathing in deep water while swimming 100 metres. Principles of water crafty safety will be introduced, as well as continuous work on rescue and personal water survival skills.

Entries and Exits:                       Enter water using a compact jump

Sculling and Body Orientation:   Demonstrate a backward and forward somersault in the water

Underwater Skills:                  Search for and recover an object in 1.5m of water depth. Demonstrate a feet-  
                                              first surface dive.

Movement/Swimming/Strokes: Swim 100 metres continuously (25m Front Crawl, 25m Breaststroke, 25m
                                               Backstroke, 25m Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke.

Survival and Activity Skills:      Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt. Swim slowly for 3 min using any
                                               appropriate swim stroke, changing each minute.

Rescue Skills:                          Perform a throw rescue using an unweighted rope over a distance of 6 metres.
                                              Wade to a person and deliver a flotation aid in deep water. Approach in
                                              "Ready" position.

Knowledge:                            Principles of water craft safety
(This is the theory part that the children need to know. There are a total of 3 questions pertaining to safety on board a water craft and how the children should conduct themselves.)

These pictures were taken while C was out practising for her Bronze test which she took on 11 December. Well, it looks like she cleared the test. :)


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