It's Dr Quek this time

Dr Khong wasn't available hence it was Dr Quek who saw C for her tooth extraction.

Her second tooth has cut through after weeks.

A procedure that C has grown to be accustomed to. C always enjoys her dental visits and this time round, she even requested that her teeth be cleaned. Dr Quek looked through her file and then commented that her teeth were only so recently cleaned and there was no need to do it again. Haha. 

A clip of her tooth extraction. Again, the entire tooth, like the previous one, was intact.

Doc showing C her tooth.

C, waiting for me to pay up. This time round, she came prepared: she had her handkerchief as she didn't want to risk having her clothes stained again.

On our way home. She didn't want to go shopping with her handkerchief over her mouth. Talk about being vain!

Doc said the teeth would slowly fall into place. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy Natalie,

I would like to know how much is the cost of each treatment your precious little girl had gone through? And also the address?

I'm planning to send my daughter for her 2nd dental visit. The first when she was three, she had cried throughout the visit with another dental clinic.


Mummy N said...

Hello thppht
Well each polishing session is $60. First time u go, there will be consultation charges. I can't remember how much it was but it's only a one time charge for consultation. It's between $50-$60.
This is Smileworks at Paragon. #11-11/12
The dentists there are very nice and gentle with kids. They know how to make e children relax and my girl has no fear of visiting them. :)

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