Spell in colours

Traditionally, spelling of words was a tedious task of writing out the words repeatedly. We used to do that and it would be a painful and extremely slow process.

Often, after spelling exercise, there wouldn't be much time left to do anything else and C would complained that her hand ached.

I was so certain that there must be another way... Daddy also didn't agree to this rote-learning and commented that we must apply alternative methods.

There you have it. I broke up long words into their syllabus and colour code them. C is to look at the word as a whole, we tell her that it's a picture and she is encouraged to take a picture of the entire word instead of parts. Then we ask if she can recall the picture of 'environment'. If she unable to, then the word is shown to her again.

So far, it has worked. :) I will use this method for more spelling exercises.


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