Today is the day...

After more than 1 year of dancing, 6 months of extra coaching and then 1 final month of intensive practices, Cheryl went for her ballet exam this morning. Cheryl woke up really early, 6.15 am actually because she wanted to see me off to work and then at 8, she was at Kembangan Community Centre.

Daddy took the day off to bring Spark to the examination venue and C had to be there 2 hours before so that Ms Blue and her helpers could comb her hair. Initially I was worried as I thought parents were required to do the girls' hair and I would not be able to do that as I had to be at work. Then last week, Ms Blue assured us that she would do it. She said it was bonding between the girls and herself and she had her hair tied by her teachers when she was a child. 

Cheryl was clearly very happy, chatting with her friends while being made up at the same time.

Precious all done up. Her hair was so tidy and Daddy and I concurred that she has never looked neater. She wore a pink heart so that the examiner could easily recognise her.

C with her team mates, looking all pretty and sweet.

They were the first group of the day and Ms Blue was giving them a last prep talk before ushering them in. 
"Break a leg, girls!"


byihui said...

she looks great Natalie! hopefully j likes ballet long enough to stay and take the exams! btw, are the exams initiated by the teachers? is there a minimum age requirement?

Mummy N said...

Thank you, Byihui. :)

C started with this teacher when she was 3.5 year old. Then it was just something she wanted and we didn't expect her to come so far.

The exam was initiated by her teacher and usually the girls are 7 yrs of age (pri 1) but I was asked cuz the teacher felt that c was ready and since has been with her for so long, she felt that c was ready.

On the schedule, I saw that the youngest were those born in 05, which is 6 yrs by yr of birth so it looks like this is the minimum age. This is the primary level.

Fatboy Joe said...

I remember my dance teacher used that same phrase, "Break a leg". I thought it was very funny (in an ironic sense) to say good luck that way.

This brings back so much memories.

I should have hobbled over with my really-broken-foot to give Cheryl some support.

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