Challenge youself!

It is the school holidays and though we didn't plan to for a quick getaway, I made arrangements for Cheryl and her friends to do something meaningful. Several weeks back, I called Climb Asia to make arrangements for a private rock-climbing event for C and her pals. After confirmation from friends that they were joining us, the date was set.

The children listening attentively to the safety briefing by Li Ting, one of the trainers.

C was volunteered to be the model and Li Ting showed us all how to put on the harness safely.

 C, all ready for her ascent.

Then it was time for all to get ready as well.

Li Ting and Felicia, the other trainer did a demonstration for us and then it was time for the children to try their hands on the wall.

Age definitely didn't stop Sergio from scaling the wall. He was one of the first, together with Brion.

Brion did a fine job indeed. He reached the top! :)

Zinnia was next and she managed as well.

Then it was Precious' turn. A little assurance and off she climbed.

She was very quick and reached the top in no time. :)

Victoria also climbed to the very top.

Adrianna, Yeva and Sheldon took their turns next. 

 In fact, all of them did and they climbed the wall twice: once on each side. It was remarkable because the walls were of different difficulty levels. 

 After the huge wall, the children went indoors to do some boulder climbing too.

It was pretty fun as the trainers incorporated some games and the children hurriedly scaled the short wall and held on to dear lives.


just some random shots that were taken while the children were having fun indoors.

Well done, children! :) Trainers Li Ting and Felicia were just as brilliant with the children. They were full of encouragement and they were exceptionally patient with these little ones.


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.