errr... still a "reward"

Daddy and I made a pact with each other and decided that for C would receive a reward each time she accomplished a milestone. This month alone, she had 2 major "exams"; one being her ballet exam and the other her swimming test.
So after her ballet exam, Daddy brought Precious shopping for a gift. She picked out this Hello Kitty play house and I only realised much later that Daddy and Daughter had a "big" plan. He said that I like Hello Kitty and hence it would be Cheryl and my toy: read: I will be the one to play with her.

Then on Saturday, we bought an assessment cum activity book for her for clearing her swimming stage.
Hahaha! Yes, an assessment book (like kiasu parents) and we had it nicely wrapped up too. Nevertheless, C was thrilled to receive another present. This evening, she happily did the first exercise; Spelling and we proceeded to do some revision on Math. Cheryl even got Daddy to mark her work after she finished the sums.

This exercise is planned for tomorrow. 

My mobile was ringing almost every 15 minutes because Daddy and I had told her that she would not be watching that much television in the afternoon. She kept calling after each task I set her out to do and this evening, she instructed me to set her more work for the next day. 

So there you have it:  tasks to be completed on Tuesday
1) Practise her piano piece for her upcoming concert in May
2) Revise Math
3) Spelling
4) 听写


babyship said...

where do u print the math worksheet? Look like kumon one

Mummy N said...

nope. I didn't get any worksheets from kumon. just googled over the internet and printed whatever i could find.

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