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Written By Mummy N on 9 February 2011 | 10:22:00 pm

When I went for Josiah's curriculum update last month, I learned of a new project that the school has crafted for the pupils. The teachers have aptly named it O2C - Out-of-School Learning Experience.

Several weeks back, C went for her first O2C to the playground, and get this, to learn English. C recounted that the children went around the playground to identify nouns beginning with certain sounds that they had learned in class. For example, the children went around hunting for nouns beginning with the "sh" sound and they were sharp enough to point out "shadow" on the ground.

This afternoon, C went to NTUC Fairprice to learn Mathematics and the concept of "more than", "less than" and she also did counting with the fruits and vegetables. She was raving about what she did at the supermarket and how fun it was and I could not help smiling because she had clearly enjoyed herself and more importantly, her lessons in school.