hmmm... mm...

... Just us...
Love this shot of the 2 of them...

Grand Daddy and Grand Mummy's A, B, C! All precious in our eyes as well.

Asher reminds me of Aunt Di. Although every one says he is a carbon copy of his daddy, Ben, he does resemble his mummy too.

Brycen, the latest addition to our family.


The four of us. :)
and our dinner. Aunt Di and Grand Mummy prepared this massive dish, 盆菜. We had always wanted to try this dish hence our dearerst Grand Mummy decided that we would savour it in the cozy setting of our home.
And thank you, Aunt Di, for giving us a run-through of how to prepare this dish.


ashjumummy said...

u also got total 4 gals? who is the oldest?

Mummy said...

hehehe.. yes, there are 4 flowers. :)

i am the oldest, 2nd is at the right most, 3rd, is left most and 4th is the one beside me.

Mummy said...

you also know that we are hainanese too! haha

just coincidence!

ashjumummy said...

hee u look the youngest there! serious!

yes i noe , 4 hainanese Jing Hua. hehe

Mummy said...

hahaha.. yeah.. i get that a lot. hee. i am also the smallest built so i guess that is why.

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