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A Getaway... Part 1

Written By Mummy N on 2 December 2010 | 6:24:00 pm

We decided to pay Universal Studios Singapore a visit and stay over at the much talked about Resorts World Sentosa as Daddy had a few days of leave to clear. Last week, I made the reservation and this morning, we headed off.
It was bright and sunny and after we bought our tickets, we embarked on our Universal Studios tour.

This was the first character we saw! But I was wondering where Woody was... 

This was the first ride we went on. Somehow, it felt kind of slow and jerky, quite unlike the rides we had been on in the other theme parks. But C enjoyed it quite the same.

We went on a mini roller coaster ride next and thankfully C was gamed enough to try it. Initially she was reluctant but after the ride, she exclaimed that she wanted to go on it again. But the queue was quite long and we decided not to.

While in the queue to have our picture taken with Fiona and Shrek, we took this shot.

Fiona and Shrek. They were only there for a few minutes though.

Then we sat ourselves down for a street performance by the Madagascar crew.

We wanted a picture with Alex too but C was more interested in Gloria. 

"Far, Far Away" Nice.
We enjoying our 4D movie.

We had fun posing for our pictures and C wanted the crown so badly.

Our entry passes which came with retail and meal vouchers. We were famished by this time and quickly went for lunch.

The food, however, wasn't fantastic but I guess when we were with growling tummies, anything would do.

Before the days of the Yellow Cabs, they had the Yellow Cart.

Then we ventured to another part of the theme park.
See the similarity?

The Water World gave us one of the park's best performances.
The live show was exciting to watch, and it came complete with pyrotechnics.

We went to Ancient Egypt next but didn't manage to take any ride although we were already in the queue for one as it was beginning to rain and the ride was suspended temporarily.

We quickly made our way to Sci-fi City and caught another favourite of C and Daddy. They reminded me of the spinning tea cups at Disneyland.

Then it was to New York City next!
Caught sight of Charlie and couldn't resist to take a picture with him.

Back at the entrance, we saw Kung Fu Panda. I managed to take a shot before he headed off and by then the rain was coming down hard and we decided to call it a day and check into our room.